Not sure if this is the case with every bank. But could it be that Irish Banks are trying to make it as hard as possible to wire money from your bank account?

I am just used to the services in Germany where you can wire money from your online banking account to almost every single bank account in the world. Here I have to fill out a form, drive to town, stay inline and then they even charge more for the wire. And then I have to beg in order to get a new form. When I ask for more than one form I get a "Computer says, NO!".

But thinking about it, it does kind of makes sense. Ireland has tons of guest works. Their purpose is to work super hard to make as much money while they are here as possible. What happens with the money … they either take it home with them once they leave or they are sending it back home. Which is their good right.

The irish economy would profit if that earned money stays as long as possible in Ireland - so it might get spend. So there for let’s don’t make it that easy for the money to leave our homeland.

Can that be true or is it just in my head? What do you think? Are there any irish banks allowing online money transfers?

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