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Cold Code is a tool that generates images based on the album art of Coldplay's X&Y. It follows the code prescribed in the liner notes.The X&Y album art  was designed by graphic design duo Tappin Gofton. The image, which is visualized through a combination of colours and blocks, is a graphical representation of the Baudot code, an early form of telegraphcommunication using a series of ones and zeros to communicate. The code was developed by Frenchman Émile Baudot in the 1870s, and was a widely used method of terrestrial and telegraph communication.The alphabet of the code is presented in the liner notes of the album, and if applied to the code of the cover image, reveals "X&Y". The final page of the booklet contains the slogan "Make Trade Fair", the name of the international organization which Martin supports.The band dedicates the album to "BWP" that is presented also inside the liner notes; it stands for Bruce W. Paltrow, the late father of Martin's wife,Gwyneth Paltrow. All singles released from the album feature their titles in the same code on their respective covers. Martin sometimes wears coloured tape on his hands while on stage, as a reference to the album.