As if the weekend killing of two British soldiers was not enough of a strain upon the peace process I see that the dissidents have now killed a policeman in Craigavon.

It has just been confirmed on BBC

"A police officer has died following a shooting incident in Craigavon, County Armagh. The incident is understood to have happened near Lismore High School at Brownlow. Police came under attack while investigating suspicious activity near the school. "

It seems that the dissidents are intent on opening up the gates of hell for all Irish people.

I would just like to ask these people one simple question.

If, or perhaps more chillingly when, some Unionist Death Squad murder an innocent Catholic in retaliation for these killings are they going to accept that responsibility?

I'm starting to feel slightly angry at the moment and I never thought I would ever feel that reaction in relation to the death of a peeler.

I am convinced that we can gain a United Ireland through political means; I only wish I was as sure of heaven as I am of this.

I am also convinced that all these actions by the dissidents do is to undermine that political change.

Their actions will lead to only two consequences, more Irish sons and daughters in the grave and in jail.

These people have to be faced down, the Irish people need to decry in one clear and determined voice.

Not in my name!!!

It would be easy to sit back and say nothing, allow things to blow over and see what happens.

Republicans have never been shy about taking hard decisions; we have taken them at every turn.

We need to decide between what is right and what is easy.

These people can not succeed in allowing this country to slip back into chaos, they just can't!

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