I’ve always had an interest in the weather, it’s the one thing in Ireland that can make or break your day. As the say goes, “You don’t go to Ireland for the weather”! Anyway, I decided to go out and buy myself a weather station. I didn’t fancy spending €600 or €700 on something like a Davis Vantage Pro as I wasn’t even sure I had a suitable location for the station itself. I decided to try out a La Crosse WS-2308.

I setup
Open2300 on my Sun Blade running Ubuntu and connected the console of the 2308 via serial. After a bit of messing about with the positioning of the sensors, the main unit and temperature sensor was receiving direct sunlight in the late afternoon and the wind sensor seemed and still is a bit too sheltered, everything was working pretty well.

I’m using mysql2300 to upload the values to a database and I wrote a few PHP scripts to generated some graphs using JpGraph. You can see the results of my efforts here.

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